A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Endless Swimmer: Spawn of Salmon




Endless Swimmer is a game about salmon making their perilous journey to return

to their spawning grounds. It is a four-player game, with one-button controls.



Up to four players can play. Each player can use one joystick with a single button ("A" button on an Xbox 360 controller), or use the keyboard with the keys: z, c, b or m.

Your salmon will always accelerate forward. With the button up, the salmon slowly turns to the left. With the button held doen, the salmon turns sharply to the right. Double-tapping the button shoots the salmon forward quickly.



Endless Swimmer was initially created in 2007 as an entry to a contest to make a game featuring one-button gameplay. After being shelved for years, it was re-conceived as both a relaxing recovery tool for those recovering from trauma and an action game.



This game was initially created at TOJam 10, May 1-3, 2015 at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada.



This game was created by:

Paul Forest - http://PaulForest.com

Eric Frech - http://ericfrechart.blogspot.ca/

Lisa Young - https://lisakyoung.carbonmade.com/

Andy Frech - https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/andy-frech/30/555/735

Jeremy Kessler -

Brian Sinasac - https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/brian-sinasac/1a/2b9/339

Install instructions

Download the Windows build and run EndlessSwimmer/EndlessSwimmer.exe.

Up to four players can play at once.

Keyboard controls (one key per player): z, c, b, or m

Joystick controls (one joystick per player): "A" button on Xbox 360 controller (button may vary by joystick type)

You can change the controls in the startup menu.


EndlessSwimmer.zip 21 MB
EndlessSwimmer-MacOSX.zip 27 MB
EndlessSwimmer-Linux.zip 22 MB